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翻譯文章-關於SVORD Peasant

Adapted for SVORD Web from an excerpt of magazine.
取自SVORD官網 ,BLADE magazine的報導:關於SVORD Peasant


Bryan Baker stresses the importance of correct aerodynamics in regard to edge shape and high carbon steel correctly heat treated. These are principals taught him by his mentor, Bohemil Nebesky. Baker combines these principals to make high performance knives. Like the name implies, Peasant Knives are tools for a low price - no frills or bells.

Bryan pays a lot of attention to the heat treating of his steel. He has boxes o blades from his own testing. Not only will his blades pass the 90 flex test, they will also cut 1/4-inch soft steel bolts with no edge damage. Legendary makers Frank Richtig, Rudy Ruana and Bill Scagel also cut steel with their blades and Baker's Peasant Knife blades are only 1/16 inch thick!

Bryan Baker先生強調刀鋒形狀空氣動力學以及碳鋼正確熱處理的重要性。

這是他老師Bohemil Nebesky教他的原則。Bryan Baker先生結合了這些原則創造出高品質的刀。像是這隻刀子的名稱一樣,Peasant (農民) Knives:是一把平價沒有多餘裝飾的刀子。

Baker先生付出許多心力在鋼材熱處理這件事情上,他有一大堆因用來測試而損壞的測試品。不僅因為他的刀子通過90度韌性測驗,並且拿他們來割 1/4吋的軟鋼螺絲,刀鋒是不會損壞的。傳奇名師如Frank Richtig,Rudy Ruana 以及 Bill Scagel,也曾用他們的刀子來割鋼材。然而,Peasant Knife的刀刃卻只有 1/16吋的厚度!!

The Peasant Knife will cut 1/4-Inch soft steel bolts with no edge damage.

The Test

First I pounded the Peasant Knife blade through inch soft galvanized bolts (not high tensile). There was no damage to the edge or back of the blade. This shows the toughness that can be achieved using excellent tempering procedures. Baker gave the go ahead to flex the Peasant Knife 90. I easily disassembled the knife and went to the vise. (Author's note: This is a destructive test.)

Baker's friction folder is 8 1/4 inches long in the open position.

The Peasant Knife flexed 90 with no edge cracking as per the American Bladesmith Society journeyman smith test. It also survived a 90 bend in the opposite direction, still with no edge cracking. Excellent toughness! Upon restraightening the blade snapped, but the toughness was impressive.

Baker provided another knife for the cutting evaluation. I sharpened the edge with a worn 400-grit belt and stropped it with jeweler's rouge on leather. Even though this produced a hair-popping edge, it only lasted four cuts on 3/4 inch manila rope.

I switched to a new 320 belt. This produced seven cuts. Still not satisfied, I used a worn 150-grit belt. Bingo! This produced the best working edge. After 30 cuts, I had to put on gloves because the locking hump was digging into my palm. The Peasant Knife cut a total of 50 times! The edge would still cut hair. (Authors note: This working edge is also obtainable by using an India stone.)


首先我將Peasant Knife拿來切鍍鋅螺絲,刀刃的邊緣或是刀背都沒有損傷。這顯示了優異的鋼材熱處理所帶來的強度。Bryan Baker先生接著將Peasant Knife折彎90度。(破壞性測試)

Peasant Knife 折彎90度後,邊緣沒有碎裂,就如同美國刀藝協會他們做的測試一樣。Peasant Knife 在折彎90度後沒有碎裂,存活下來,有著優異的強度!雖然在重新打直後刀斷了,但它的強韌度令人印象深刻。


我換了320Grit的砂帶,這次維持了七次的切割,再換成150Grit的砂帶磨,Bingo!這次創造出最佳的刃面。切了30次之後,我得要帶上手套了!Peasant Knife總共切了50次,刀鋒依舊可以割斷毛髮。(上面兩段翻譯,感謝網友litethru分享修正翻譯)


Baker's knives sharpen extremely quick. Edge holding is in the upper 10 percent of the knives I've tested. In a Baker knife you get an excellent piece for a good price.